Places to visit for Canada Holiday


Canada is a country blessed with some truly beautiful places to see and visit. Here is a guide to some of the most amazing and simply inspiring places found in Canada. From vast expanses of nature and refined urban buildings, it seems that every part of the second-largest country in the world has much to offer tourists. Visit the expanse of national parks, admire the sea banks and be amazed by the wildlife. Canada has it all, in fact you may need more than one visit to see all the beautiful places mentioned here.

1. Banff National Park (Alberta)
The breathtaking views of Banff National Park are among the most incredible that the Canadian Rockies have to offer visitors. Visit here and you will understand why Canada has a reputation for being the Great White North. Everything about Banff is remarkable, with the most spectacular highlights such as the view from the top of Mount Sulfur or the serenity that Lake Louise offers.
Whether you make this the starting point of your vacation, or the last leg of your Canadian adventures, the forests, lakes, mountains and waterfalls of this national park will bring you wonderful memories of everything that happens there.
The Mount Royal Hotel is the most popular place for those exploring the beauty of Banff.

2. Abraham Lake (Alberta)
Another nice place to stay in Alberta is Abraham Lake. It is an artificial lake but this does not make the view less spectacular. In the winter months, methane gas freezes like blue bubbles, which can be seen on the top of the lake. If you visit when the lake freezes, take a picture of those bubbles and post it on social media. A great place to stay while visiting Lake Abraham is the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Although it’s 80 miles from the lake, the trip makes every mile worthwhile. Guests can also go cycling or canoeing.

3. The City of Victoria (British Columbia)
There are many reasons to put Victoria on the list of Canada’s most beautiful places in her own right. The capital of British Columbia is home to some of Canada’s most beautiful public gardens, most notably the Butchart Gardens. In addition to the gardens, the city hosts parks such as Beacon Hill Park. Alternatively, you can choose to take a slow stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf.
Maybe you could stay in one of Canada’s best hotels, the Fairmont Express. Afternoon tea is also a local legend.

4. The Vancouver Boardwalk (British Columbia)
If you feel fit, there is the possibility of cycling, jogging or walking along the Vancouver Boardwalk. This walkway spans 17 miles and is the longest road in the world. As you descend the road, you can look out at the vast Pacific Ocean or see the city skyline. There are beaches along the way to walk or take a detour to walk around Stanley Park.
Vancouver is home to other fantastic sites, such as Grouse Mountain and the suspension bridge in Bridge Park.

5. Glacier National Park (British Columbia)
For visitors looking for mountains and lots of snow, Glacier National Park could be the ideal place to visit. This park is located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. You can camp inside the park or stay in wooden cabins. The huts would be the warmest places to stay in winter.
The landscape of Glacier National Park is sensational, with mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests. It is a place where you can admire nature and get to know it up close.
Visitors looking for more comfort than a tent or cabin can enter a guesthouse in nearby Revelstoke. People who regularly visit this national park tend to stay at the Poppi pension.