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The Doosan Group was founded in 1896. The company began as the Park Seung Jik Store in 1896 in Baeogai (now Jongno 4-ga, Seoul). Since then,Doosan has developed into a multinational conglomerate, with particular emphasis on consumer goods, manufacturing and the trading and construction sectors.Doosan Group has a South Korean conglomerate company. In 2009, the company was placed 471st in the Fortune Global 500.

Doosan supports the growth of each and every one of their people with genuine care. Doosan offers them opportunity to grow through their work experience and their own accomplishments. Striving to inspire motivation for growth and self-realization All operational experience  gained during the time which they have incorporated into the design of our products.  If you want to build the future of our industry in world-class facilities, then look no further. You’ll bring your knowledge and skills and thrive.

Doosan positive and inclusive corporate culture provides employees with opportunities for unrestricted growth where people can develop together in a mutually-beneficial environment. Doosan seeks continuous growth through its people and Our people drive business growth through their passion for innovation and limitless aspired. The business growth so achieved, in turn, leads to the growth of our people.

It has been included in the Forbes Global 2000 companies from 2007. Doosan people work all around the world. The growth of our business accelerates the growth of each individual employee. You will meet great opportunities for constant and infinite growth with Doosan.
The right’ people for Doosan are people who understand and appreciate our fundamental values and put them into practice.

Doosan Corporation (Holding Company)

  • Electro-Materials supplies the main materials for polychlorinated biphenyls, a core part for electronics, including copper clad laminate and OLED materials (illuminating and common layer for fluorescence phosphorescence.)
  • Industrial Vehicle is a manufacturer of global logistics equipment, as well as engine-type forklifts and electronic forklifts.
  • Mottrol develops and produces hydraulic components for construction equipment and defense systems.
  • Digital Innovation provides customers including Doosan affiliates with information technology consulting, system setup, business system operation and information technology infrastructure operation.
  • Fuel Cell Power: Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell has a full lineup of products, from power generation to residential use, based on its proprietary fuel cell technologies.
  • Glonet operates in logistics in the overall and bio industry, including the development of new bio-materials such as medical emulsifiers.

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